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for the united states. that's a wonderful attitude, and i think he and john kerry have similar points of view, and they'll be a good team. but, secondly, he is -- he would be the first secretary of defense to have served as an enlisted man in the trenches. from uso to veterans administration, he understands the political and human problems in a way that no other secretary has. >> do you think that he has the experience and the skill to get his arms around that pentagon bureaucracy and all the pork that's embedded in it at a time when facing the sequester, we've had warnings from general dempsey and, of course, from leon panetta that we are facing the potential hollowing out of the force and a real national security dilemma. >> i think to me he is an example of one of the best teams we ever had in defense, which was laird and packard, and to me -- >> you mean david packard and melvin laird. >> david packard and melvin laird, yes. he knows the policy chuck hagel knows the policy. his deputy right now, ash carter, is superb. that's an unbeatable team. doesn't have to know everything, and he know
to run for the united states senate, and they certainly displayed that. one of the underlying issues here is these senators who are talking about the details of what happened with susan rice make the argument that this was a case where the american public was told one scenario, that not only was slight of what happened but in contrast to officials say was a terrorist attack. while they are kind of picking on these issues that happened weeks, now a couple of months ago, they are telling me when we talked about that, they are interested in trying to shine a light on the fact that it shouldn't be a case if information is withheld, that's one thing. but if information is sending the public in a different direction, that is worthy of more scrutiny. that's why there's been so much focus on this. >> david sanger, tom friedman, one of your colleagues at "the new york time" wrote today that we're not looking at the big picture in foreign policy. we have so circumscribed our secretary of state, we evaluate them by how many million-mile markers or how many countries they visited, but not sort of the
for itself, each individual unit would decide whether to admit gay scouts and then parents could decide for themselves where to send their children. now, the board -- the scout's board of directors meets next week, so it's possible that this change, if it's approved, could be announced as early as then, but this is highly controversial, but a scouting official says that the consideration of this change is something that's coming from the grassroots level, that individual chapters have urged the boy scouts to reconsider this position. something that they announced just last july. they were reaffirming their old policy. this would be a po found change, andrea. >> and, pete, just to explain how profound a change, just very, very recently a boy scouts troop here, not far from the nation's capital in cloverly, maryland, had a nondiscrimination policy, and it said pack 442 will not discriminate against any psychiatried or family based on race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, and the national boy counties made them take that down if their website. >> you know, i'm not sure wh
experiences. so when i heard the president of the united states say stonewall after saying seneca falls and selma, sort of an electric shock went through me. whoa, the president of the united states just woef in the gay rights movement with the women's rights movement and the traditional civil rights movement, but he didn't just leave it there. that would have been box checking, but in the next paragraph he talked about our gay brothers and sisters and equal treatment under the law, and that went well beyond what i think anyone even expected a president of the united states to say in an inaugural address one of their premier platforms for the american president to not only talk to the american people, but to tack to the world. while this was a domestic address, a completely agree with that, the entire world was watching, and the president said that the story of gay americans as part of the larger american story. >> in a speech where he didn't mention any single foreign country, right? >> and also, chris, it just occurs to me, that moment was in some ways analogous to when hillary clinto
the united states of america under governor cuomo's leadership what can be done when you are willing to compromise and pursue commonsense. i hope that becomes a national model. not in terms of the style. substance counts. it won't be as effective if the rest of the country doesn't join us and allows loopholes to permanentate new york state. >> we talked about bipartisanship in new york state and albany which hasn'ts always seen that at all. let's talk about congress because you saw the president. he said we're not going to be a deadbeat nation. he is making the point literally that this is raising the debt limit to pay for things that have already been spent by congress, but you've got your republican colleagues saying not so fast. until you cut spending in a meaningful way, we're not going to raise the debt limit. this is not just the fiscal cliff, you know, which was a serious issue, but it could have been a couple of weeks of not having, you know, a budget, not having spending. this is the faith and credit of the united states. there are already warnings that there will be another
the delease of two convicted terrorists being held here in the united states in exchange for the americans. a spokesman made it clear, once again, very firmly that the u.s. does not negotiate for hostages. now, in terms of the ongoing operation, that, too, is very complicated. it's a very huge complex. there are very many buildings, and according to u.s. officials the algerians, because the u.s. isn't involved on the grouped, really have to go building to building to building to determine where and who may be held at any given time, so this is going to be going on for some hours at least apparently as the situation, according to the state department, remains extremely fluid, andrea. >> jim, thank you very much. we'll be following your reports throughout the day. >>> and can president obama and republicans agree on anything m next four years? virginia's governor bob mcdonnell just back from that house republican retreat in williamsburg, joins us next. >>> former bush speechwriter michael gerskin who crafted both of president bush's inaugural addresses. [ female announceru really getting sal
interviewed saying -- the unit cohesion to have women in the barracks along with the men and women in the fox holes along with men? >> listen accident they're already in the fox holes with men. i can tell you there's a lot of women who have lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan already. over 100 women have been injured. about 800 women have been injured because of combat operations. women are in these wars fully. we want to make sure they get the credit for it and the recognition for it, and they can be promoted along with their colleagues to the positions that they are frankly not only qualified, but should be in because they have the leadership skills to make us stronger. we not cannot have a military ready armed service ifs we don't have all of our best and brooits serving exactly where they're trained to serve. >> and where i let you something g, finally, chuck hagel, will you be able to vote for him for defense secretary? >> i'm sitting down with chuck this afternoon. i have tough questions for him with regard to iran and israel. i also have concerns with how he will treat women in th
is going to step forward to be president of the united states, what the nra once was, it no longer is. this extremism is so frightening. >> msnbc's joe scarborough will be with me in a few moments to say more about the nra tactics, as well as his thoughts on the future of the republican party. >>> and the gun fighters, inside "time" magazine's special report on gun control with managing editor rick stangle. >>> president morsi over his anti antisemetic tirade. >>> and candid clinton. how healthy is hilary? >> she's always been very, very healthy. i tell her, you know, she's still got hind to have three more husbands after me. >> bill clinton with dr. nancy snyderman. good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington, where president obama is trying to mobilize the nation, all of us, to deal with gun violence. >> from the letter that julia wrote me, she said, i know that laws have to be passed by congress, but i beg you to try very hardly. julia, i will try very hard. >> and joining me now for our daily fix, chuck todd, nbc news chief white house correspondent and host of "the daily run
. the secretary general, at least at the united nations, saying that he has grave concerns. i shouldn't use the word condemned, but grave concerns about that israeli air strikes, the first in five years. at this time the united nations does not have details, he says, about the reported incident. what are they saying over there at the pentagon? we've also been briefed today that the vice president when he goes to the munich security conference this weekend is going to meet with the syrian envoy from the united nations, brahimi and will meet with the russian foreign minister and with the syrian national council. >> so far out of this building, while they're keeping many of the details close to the vest, we're not hearing any kind of condemnation, criticism, any negative response. in fact, according to one senior military official who we can only identify that way because they're not authorized to speak on the record of this subject, all they could say about it was, you know, the israelis, above anyone else, usually gets these things right. >> no condemnation at all. in fact, from a white hous
now on, they are united against the president's increased spending and the president's efforts to increase taxes, as well. >> grover norquist, i think this is not the last battle. not the last battle. >> it's the beginning. >> thank you very much. >>> coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports," the latest on hillary clinton's health. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is still receiving treatment today at a new york hospital for a blood clot in her head. diagnosed after a follow-up mri following a concussion suffered in a fall several weeks ago. joining me now, nbc's chief science and health correspondence, bob bazell. and also with me "the washington post" ruth marcus. first to you, where this clot was found, a follow-up mri we were told on sunday night, and we were told it was a clot stemming from the concussion from the fall. does that mean that the clot was necessarily caused by the concussion or could it be from an underlying condition, or is there no way to really know that fact? >> it may have been caused by both of those problems. sometimes there's sort of a perfec
of this off. and because there's no part of the world that is irrelevant to the united states anymore, when i came into office, did we worry about governments changing in north africa and the middle east? did we worry about a place called mali becoming a potential safe haven for terrorists? did we think we could get an opening in berma? i could go on and on. there are things you know you always have to deal with, the threat of nuclear weapons and their spread, the threat of extremism and its incredible dangers and on and on. those are the challenges, but then you have to also respond to the crises of the moment. do everything you can to manage them, and then you have to take a longer view at what are the trend lines, what is technology going to do to us, what is climate change going to do to us? what are we going to do to enhance the roles of women and girls, so it's a fascinating time to have this job. >> when you took responsibility and you told the senate and the house -- you took responsibility for benghazi and you said you get more than 1 million cables to the state department a year, bu
judging helped in a bipartisan way, gotten over the fiscal cliff are now threatening that the united states will not pay its bills. that we'll actually default on the bills that we owe our creditors. as a result we're seeing a manufactured crisis, unnecessary uncertainty in the economy, the president has said that he is very willing to in this with respect to replacing the sequester, which will start march 1st, which are across the board cuts, but he is not going to be politically blackmailed over the debt ceiling. with respect to the sequester, replacing it, we need to continue to follow the same pattern that we did with respect to the fiscal cliff. in other words, and last year. last year we had 1.5 trillion dollars in cuts. we'll have to do additional cuts, but it will have to be combined with additional revenue from eliminating a lot of these tax breaks and loopholes that benefit high income individuals. the same kind of tax breaks and loopholes, by the way, that mitt romney and paul ryan talked about during the last campaign. >> now, one of the changes that politico has been wri
. >>> the united states and afghanistan, meanwhile, are accelerating the transition from u.s. combat mission to a training role as they prepare for the u.s. exit in 2014. at a joint press conference with afghan president hamid karzai on friday, president obama defended the change of mission. >> we went to afghanistan because 3,000 americans were viciously murdered by a terrorist organization that was operating openly and at the invitation of those who were then ruling afghanistan. it was absolutely the right thing to do for us to go after that organization. >> before he retired in 2010 four star general stanley mcchrystal rose to be the top military commander of nato forces in afghanistan until a controversial profile in "rolling stone" magazine quoted him and his inner circle making some controversial remarks about the president. the general resigned. he is now teaching at yale, among other things, and he has written a new memoir. his memoir my share of the task. in it the general focuses on leadership and on those dramatic moments of america's longest war that he led. general mcchrystal jo
had our first ever in united states history traffic jam in the women's senate bathroom, so things are changing and i'm pleased to be the mentor to the new republican senator from nebraska, deb fischer. women in the senate have always worked together and the bigger our numbers, the better for the country. >> one thing, you always worked together in the past is the violence against women act, all 17 women voted for it. of course, it died in the house. are you going to try to resurrect that this session? >> we certainly are. this is an outrage. all 17 women in the senate, 68 votes in the senate for that act. it basically consolidated the number of programs, did new things with immigrant victims, american indian victims, that it's still sitting over at the house is a crime. when police officers that i used to work with as prosecutor go to a door and there's a victim of domestic abuse, they just do their job. that's what congress has to do here and reauthorize what's always been a bipartisan bill. the senate did its job, time for the house to do theirs. >> thank you very much, senator
to be the speaker of the house. it's remarkable that conservatives couldn't unite even a little bit more as a show of force. >> i still believe the only person -- if he somehow expressed an interest, you would see the committee chairs, you would see a flocking. >> does this -- the question you have to be watching now is how this weakens or stretens his hand going into negotiations on the fiscal cliff -- not that, the debt ceiling. that remains to be seen. we'll have to leave it there. >> i guess. >> because -- >> i normally love to stay. i have to say that there's a bitter feeling. i love the first day of school, which i call the first day of congress. >> i would love to be up there myself. >> there's something the way the 112th ended. >> doesn't give you a good feeling. >> i just -- you wish -- this should be a happier day in celebrating washington. >> we still congratulate those members that are sworn in, and we're happy about it. house speaker john boehner was slammed even by fellow republicans for that decision to cancel tuesday's vote on $60 billion in emergency relief for vemz of superstorm
the american people began in 1964 when i served as a first lieutenant in the united states army and then in both the legislative and executive branch positions in washington. the time has come for me to return to my wife sylvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren, and my walnut farm. dealing with a different set of nuts. [ laughter ] i want to deeply thank my family for giving me the fullest measure of love and support during my many absences from home throughout my long career in public service, but i will leave washington with a very deep sense of pride in what we have accomplished during these last four years being on the president's national security team. as both director of the cia and as secretary of defense, i have always believed that our fundamental mission is to keep america safe, keep america secure and because of the outstanding dedication of our intelligence and military professionals, america is safer and more secure than it was four years ago, and we have reached a turning point after more than a decade of war, and on that as we've reached that
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.s. ambassador to the united nations is susan rice. you know, again, i could go through the list. this president has appointed -- has made two appointments to the supreme court both of them women. i think that his commitment to -- >> do you think it's an unfair charge? >> i think that the record speaks for itself. >> the record does speak for itself, doesn't it? joining me now for our daily fix, chris alissa, msnbc contributor managing editor of post, msnbc's white house correspondent kristen welker and washington post opinion columnist ruth marcus. ruth, i got to start with you because of the headline writers on your column -- >> thank you very much. copy desk. >> the headline was? >> binders full of women. >> beaninders full of women. what is going on here? that is the question that a lot of people are asking. >> it doesn't look so attractive. no disrespect to the looks of it. men involved. i am not a fan of bean counting and counting up numbers of women and numbers of minorities, but it is striking and it is disconcerting and it is disappointing to see in the big four jobs no fem
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)